Listen to ‘About Making’ Episode 1: Interview with Sher Maker

Patcharada Inplang of Sher Maker shares her thoughts on the architectural process of her practice and its unique set up as architects, makers and builders.

Listen to ‘About Making’ Episode 2: Interview with 121 Collective

Yasir Ibrahim, Salah Krichen, Madoka Ellis, Arjun Singh and Pablo Boirac of 121 Collective with Himali Patil of Community Brain, talk about the origins and ethos of their shared practice as architects and makers, based at Farm of the Futures in Tolworth (UK).

Listen to ‘About Making’ Episode 3: Interview with Tukang(s)

Tukang is a Malay word to describe a traditional craftsman. Three tukangs, Adiguru Muhaimin Hasbollah, Elias Robani and Isma Sazali Rosti speak about the process of building the Malay timber House – a sophisticated form of rural domestic architecture in Malaysia.

Listen to ‘About Making’ Episode 4: Interview with Shau Architects

Shau Architects (Daliana Suryawinata and Florian Heinzelmann) share their thoughts on the process of making architecture through their work and projects in Indonesia.

Listen to ‘About Making’ Episode 5: Interview with Notpla

Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez of Notpla (UK) talks about his mission to make plastic disappear and the making of revolutionary packaging solutions derived from one of nature’s most renewable resources, brown seaweed.

Listen to ‘About Making’ Episode 6: Tanggam

An animation of Tanggam, a traditional jointing technique used to put together the traditional Malaysian timber house. This interlocking system allows for easy assembly and dismantling process.

Listen to ‘About Making’ Episode 6: Listen to Amin Taha

Amin Taha of Groupwork (UK) talks about the process of making and approach to materiality in his architectural projects.