About Making:
Exploring Building Craft and its Social Processes

A collaborative project exploring different aspects of ‘making’ in art and architecture, while carrying forward the materials and processes of traditional and modern craft in a cross-cultural and cross disciplinary mix.

A project by Eleena Jamil, Stephen Knott, Christoph Lueder & Abbe Fletcher in collaboration with GarisPXL and @wincfilms

supported by British Council


Speakers Martina Margetts (UK) and Andy Rahman (Indonesia) give their perspectives on tradition, contemporary craft and architecture in the context of Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom, with introductions by Eleena Jamil and Q&A session chaired by Stephen Knott.
Speakers Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez of Notpla and Varudh Varavarn (Vin Varavarn Architects Ltd) will discuss their use of natural and local materials in the search for sustainable solutions in the context of the United Kingdom and Southeast Asia, with contributions by Dr. Christoph Lueder. Q&A session will be chaired by Dr. Stephen Knott.
Speakers Salah Krichen and Pablo Boirac of 121 Collective and Daliana Suryawinata and Florian Heinzelmann of Shau Architects present their work and discuss cultural exchanges in their process of making within the context of the United Kingdom and Southeast Asia. The dialogue is moderated by Dr. Stephen Knott and Dr. Christoph Lueder.